Shaking Rain - Single

by Nick Stephenson

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'Shaking Rain' was written in December 2014 for my beautiful partner Kate. It's a love song of great significance for me as it also marks a huge change in my life.

I wrote it after mucking about with a strange tuning (DEDF#AE) one day on my old Martin OMC. It's came very naturally and I improvised nearly the whole thing into my phone. I didn't do much refining on the song until I recorded it with Zombie's drummer Steve Rodford in January 2016. Steve suggested it was a little too short and that maybe I should add a verse? I agreed (as I also like a challenge) and wrote the last, very positive and upbeat verse ('now I can see you wearing sunshine') right there in the session.

I'm very proud of this recording for many reasons. It is the first professionally recorded song for Kate (and she loves it - thank goodness!), it sounds HUGE and there is so much depth in the production which I must say, Steve laboured over endlessly until he got it just right.

It has passion, drama, romance, defiance, struggle and love.

Happy listening :)

And do share this with as many people as possible if you love it

Nick x


Shaking Rain by Nick Stephenson © 2014

I’d like to see you wearing sunshine
Swinging on a tree of stars
Walking through a magic doorway and feeling like the world is ours.

Talking at a pace only we know
Putting dark times to right
Burying the bad reactions and the armour we used to fight.

Holding hands
Shaking rain
Staying whole
Floating away again x2

If I ever had to dig too deeply
Wadding through a mud graveyard
I wouldn’t trust people to save us and try to rescue what we have.

Coz people got their own agendas, hang-ups and histories
Projecting all their guarded feelings onto something only we believe.

Now I can see you wearing sunshine
Smiling with the kiss of stars
We’ve learned to swim across this ocean
Now we claim the worlds as ours


released March 8, 2016
Nick Stephenson: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Steve Rodford: Drums, Bass, Keys, sea sounds and Percussion
Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Steve Rodford
Written by Nick Stephenson ©2016



all rights reserved


Nick Stephenson Saint Albans, UK

London based singer/songwriter. Passionate, hard hitting, dynamic, powerful and honest. Acoustic folk/rock with a sometimes punky edge.

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